Finally photos of the last couple weeks!

I am taking off tomorrow evening from Corfu (an island off the eastern side of mainland Greece between there and Italy) to Rome. The ferry is actually leaving at 11:59 tomorrow night and gets in at 8:30 in the morning in Bari and then a train trip to Rome. I think my itinerary is going to be in Rome for three days and then to Venice for 2 days, Florence for 2 days, a couple days along the Côte d’Azur in the south of France and then London on the 27th for a couple days. A managed to get tickets to see Eric Clapton playing in Hyde park on the 28th for the O2 Festival. From there it is going to be Spain and Paris for a couple weeks then home. Sheesh, I can’t believe that this is so close to coming to an end. Almost a month away, and I keep thinking “Not enough time!!!” Oh, well. I guess that just means that I am going to have to do it again. I am thinking after Law School finishes in about 5 years or so. Anyway, here are the photo’s that I have been promising:

I’m doing awesome, and looking forward to Italy. Greece has been relatively un-eventful in terms of things to write about. A lot of beaches and relaxing in the sun, so that is why my posts here have been a bit short. Hopefully things get a bit more exciting in Rome.


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  1. Katie says:

    aaah i love all the pictures!! You look so tan and happy and relaxed- that makes me happy!!! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE the pictures of greece with the white buildings on the cliff with the blue roofs….it makes me love your painting hanging in my apartment even more!!!

    Go find some AMOREEEEEEE in Italy!!

  2. Wells says:


    Nice pics. Looks like you might have enough now to enter an art festival or two when you get back. However, I don’t think your up to MAF standards just yet! Just kidding. Have fun in Italy, and that’s cool about seeing Clapton in Hyde Park, so how many pounds did that set you back? Also, be on your guard while in Itlay, cause it looks like they might not even make it to the next stage of the Euro’s so they might be a little crazy.

    Have fun,


  3. Rina says:

    Okay, it’s official…I HATE you. Greece is where C and I were planning on honeymooning and now you have ruined it by going there first and taking all these amazing pics that make me feel as if I have been! So, FINE…we’ll have to go to South Africa which is still untained by the Collins “Charm”. JK!

    Good to hear/read how you’re doing. We miss you…but this sounds like the most amazing adventure. Greek looks so gorgeous…I must go! How was the food? I hope you were a bit more adventurous here. Such amazing cheeses, fish, etc….

    It feels like forever since you’ve been gone. Are you bringing back a wife? JK! You might as well, since Sean is pretty much married. UGH!

    I’ve left you some message on your SKype, but I don’t think you’ve been checking them have you? Miss you tons…enjoy some freedom, sun and fun for me.

    I’m in Vegas for the next 2 weeks working my big Avon Program. Sounds more fun then it is…trust me. Although, I am handling the VIPs (Duchess of York & Suze Orman) and bumped into Ray-J in the VIP tunnel. (tunnel beneath Bellagio where VIPs enter unnoticed).

    Also, Sara & Dennis had their baby on June 16th…John Joseph O’Connor. He was 4 weeks early…but he’s doing well. They are over the moon! I fly from here to NJ on June 28-July 5th to spend some time with them and meet my Godson! I’m so happy.

    Much Love,

  4. says:

    Josh.. you look so good and… soo tan… I don’t think I have ever seen you that tan..
    I took that same ferry to Bari from Corfu back in 1970!! I am dying to hear about your experiences in Rome… I really loved Rome and want to take Alex there when she stops being such a brat..(it may be awhile) Loved the pics..Your trip has just been so amazing….keep it up..back to reality soon..

  5. Mike says:

    Pat did not take the same ferry. Back then they were using dark skinned people to man the oars. Be careful where they seat you josh.
    Good pics but where are all the people? Your pics do not have people in them just empty streets. Is there anybody in Greece? Looks like you are healthy. Looking forward to hearing about Rome.

    Uncle Mike

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