Photos of Jerusalem

Here are the photo’s from Jerusalem, but I got kicked off for uploading photos from Greece because I was interfering with the online gaming……. yeah……

Here are the pictures


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  1. Wells says:


    Nice picks of the holy city. I’m glad to see that you finally surfaced long enough to update us all. Collen and I went offshore this past Saturday and didn’t catch anything, not even a kingfish. However, I did try my best, cause I cummed at least 3 times. That was the first time Ive ever been sick like that offshore. Well, have fun in Italy. Now you will be able to tell if those years of Latin in High School pays off.



  2. says:

    Hey Josh!!
    Was catching up on your travel blog..I really LOVED the pictures of Jerusalem, they were SO, SO interesting..I was guessing what things were..the spickets were for washing your feet at the Mosque right? I recognize the “wailing wall”, and the church with the cross was the Church of the Holy Seplechre maybe (I cannot spell that, do you have spellcheck on here??) and the large Dome one is the Dome of the Rock where the Temple needs to get built before the end of the world happens?? right?? You can explain it all to me when you get home..If you ever come home!!.

    Glad you had fun in Greece..Do they still sell souflakies(yearos) (where is the spellcheck?)on the streets?? I ate them for breakfast…I am anxiously anticipating your trip to Rome and Florence..they were my favorites..Tutta La Strata portino a Roma..I really can’t spell that..All roads lead to Rome!! the Eternal City!! I really want to take Alex there….but the dollar is pretty much worthless right now, so , I’m too old to do the hostel thing..
    People sitting on me in the middle of the night..

    You are gonna go thru culture shock when you have to come back here..but it won’t last long..
    LOVE YOU!!!
    Not much news here.. Alex finished her Sophomore year..
    Real Estate crashing.. Oil really high.. tough markets..enjoy life while you can

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