Greece is so hard to leave

I think this trip is really just giving me places that I want to head back to and spend more time in. Greece is definitely towards the top of that list. Egypt, and all of Africa, as well along with more of Russia, and more scuba diving in Thailand. However, I think that I could spend years traveling around Greece and not get tired of it. I feel like I need to sail over here and spend at least a summer sailing around and seeing all the islands. Well, I don’t know if you can actually see all the islands, but I would spend as much time sailing around as I could. Either way, I am pretty positive that I am going to be back here.

After the first part of Greece in Rhodes, I took off to Santorini for a couple days, again renting a scooter (again, the best way to travel around the islands), and explored pretty much the entire island. From all the pictures I have seen of Greece, and most of them concentrated from Santorini, I didn’t expect the what I saw. You arrive at a port at the base of a cliff a couple hundred feet high. I actually wasn’t expecting Greece to be as mountainous as it is. Again, I guess that is like the first time I pulled up to Hong Kong and was expecting grass huts and people painted with mud. Long time ago, but I never really considered either, and each was a bit of a surprise when I was presented with it. Anyway, I stayed in Fira which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the island on the west coast overlooking the volcano. Apparently they are pretty proud of that volcano, but it is nothing like the one in Hawaii. No lava pools or anything. In fact you are lucky if you can find an area where it feels remotely warm. But I don’t think it is the activity of the volcano that they are proud of, but the sunsets that are seen over it. Supposedly, Santorini has the best sunsets in the world. I am not going to say that, but they were pretty nice. However, I have seen just as good in California and in the Keys. Everyone goes to Oia which is on the northern point of Santorini to watch the sunsets, and I went there at about 1:00 to explore the place and snap some shots. I spent the next four hours wandering around taking around 1000 shots. Two 4GB flash cards and around 10 rolls of film. However, at 5:00 the tourist groups starting arriving, and the sunset vantage point got crowded. That was pretty much my cue to get the heck out of dodge, and I hopped back on my scooter and headed for a less populated point on the island for a good vantage point. Luckily, Santorini is only about 8 miles long, so it didn’t take too long to travel the entire length of the island. The sun also doesn’t set until around 8:00 so I had time as well. When it finally set, I had settled down in a restaurant yet to open for the season, and watched. To be honest a little anti-climatic for all the huff and puff I had heard about it. Nice, don’t get me wrong, but not anything that I would travel halfway around the world to see. However, the time in Oia was well worth the effort.

Anyway, after a couple days in Santorini, I took off to Ios for some more relaxing environments and not as much work. For about 4 days I laid on the beach during the day, and partied the nights away. Ios is a pretty young island all around, and it stays open until the last person heads home. The Greeks , unfortunately, don’t start until midnight so that tend to be past sunrise. Really, I am way to old for much of that so I was tired, and a bit relieved when I headed off to Mykonos. Here it is a bit more of a laid back atmosphere. I have been staying on the beach here, recovering from my time on Ios, and am getting ready to head to Delos and Athens tomorrow. I am not planning on spending a lot of time in Athens, maybe a day or two, and then heading on to Italy.

 Anyway, I am getting cut off here, and they are getting ready to close the internet shop, so I have to wrap up.

Glad to see that Billary has finally faced the music, though not sure for the high taxes I am seeing down the line.


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  1. Katie says:

    awww yay I’m glad you liked greece! i’ve always always always wanted to go there….I’m so glad that you took so many pictures…I’m sure its just absolutely gorgeous. I’m really glad that you are partying and beaching it up…thats my vision of greece – gorgeous scenery, beach during the day, and partying at night. You’re living the life! Did you meet any pretty Greek girls?! I hope you’re not getting too sunburned!! SUNSCREEN!

    Nothing much is going on here…I responded to your facebook message so check that. This weekend I have free tickets to the Jacksonville Suns baseball game and a lot of people from work are going and John is coming to, so taht should be fun. Then Saturday we’re going to a Lynard Skynard and Hank Williams Jr. concert – you can probably guess who’s idea that was hahahah….but nonetheless I’m really excited about seeing Hank because I love a lot of his songs that I’ve grown accustomed to listening too hee hee. Aren’t you a Hank fan? I’m not sure where our seats are, but I’ll try to sneak in a camera and get some good pictures.

    Anywho, I love you very much and keep on having fun and travelling safely!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting pics of Jeruselem. I have always wanted to get there but Barbara was too scared. Farthest I ever got her from here was London.

    You said that the sunset in Greece was not one to go half way around the world for — well you did. Party on but be carefull on that motorbike. When I was in Italy there was a sound and light production in the Forum that was interesting. You might like it if they are still doing such a thing. Make sure you get tickets for the one in english.

    Now I’ve got Katie asking about the women. Any babe reports?

    Pop and Jo are ok and reading your posts. They printed all of them out to read them at one time. Maybe I will get Pop signed on to reply sometime.

    Glad you got some rest. Don’t burn out you have a while to go and lots to see.

    Uncle Mike

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