Thanks to Rina for pointing out my Typo….

The “hotel” I booked in Luxor had touted its free wifi and internet access, so I was thinking I would be able to communicate easier while I was there, not to mention post a bunch of pictures. However, while there was a computer, the internet connection did not work there pretty much the entire time I was there. I kept hearing rumors of someone getting it to work for a bit, but I think those were spread by the owner so people wouldn’t get too mad. Who knows? Anyway because of that, my last post was sent from my phone through the McDonalds wifi (pretty much the only place in Luxor I found a reliable internet connection). Hence the typo. Anyway, I loved Luxor in spite of all that. When I landed my heart was beating pretty hard, and I felt the excitement running through me. I kept thinking “Holy crap! I’m in Africa!” and I am pretty sure I was smiling ear to ear. I proceeded to grab a cab and argue from 20 Euro for a trip to town (about 180 Egyptian Pounds) down to 25. I was pretty proud of myself on that one, and everyone who asked how much I paid for a cab from the airport kind of had their eyes open in shock after I told them. Saying that, I didn’t haggle too much after that except in a few notable instances. I keep thinking that we are relatively well off, and I can afford to spread a little around so I give to those I don’t think are trying to rip me off too much. That said, if you are with an Egyptian, you will be amazed at how little you pay for things, and I think the prices are still inflated for what they are for Egyptians alone. I payed 8 L.E. (Egyptian Pounds) for  soda’s and two big bottles of water which works out to about $1.50 when I was with an Egyptian. When it was just me I had a hard time getting one soda for 5 L.E. (just under a dollar.) Go figure. My hotel on the other hand, only cost me 20 L.E. per night, so do the math on that one. I can’t really get my head around the pricing structure here. Lodging is extremely cheap, while other things are ridiculous. When I was at the temple of Hetchetsup (otherwise known as “Hot Chicken Soup”) they tried to charge me 70 L.E. for two soda’s and a snickers bar, which comes out to about $14. I had to restrain myself from laughing in the guys face on that one, and just left the stuff sitting on the counter without even trying to haggle the price. Anyway though, I am currently in Cairo for a couple of nights before I head to Dahab for diving and fun in the sun. I only booked three days for Cairo, and am pretty glad I did that, since really the only things that I wanted to see here were the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. I have already done both and only been here 24 hours. Now I am just looking for souvenirs and exploring. Not really sure what I am going to bring back yet, so recommendations would be nice. I am thinking a hooka, but I don’t really smoke, so it would just sit there. Apparently all the good Egyptian cotton is exported and not sold here too much, so that idea it pretty much out too. Other than that, I am only seeing the typical touristy stuff like carved figurines, etc… I don’t know, yet.

From here, like I said, is Dahab, then onto …. wait for it….  PETRA!!! How cool is that?? Just slap me silly and call me “Indiana Jones!” I have been wanting to see that for years. I got some good advise from a couple other backpackers while I was in Luxor, and they said the gates open at 6:00am, and if you are there then, you will pretty much have the place to yourself almost the entire day until the trip out as everyone will be behind you. I am thinking 2 days there and then onto Israel. Can’t wait to see Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

To answer a few questions.

Pat – Yes, the gas here is ridiculously expensive. I had a 12 gallon tank in the rental car I had and it cost me over $100 to fill up. It is around 1.45 Euro per liter which comes to about $9 per gallon. Luckily I was able to fill up on the bases a couple times where it was only like $4/gallon. Either way, I am glad I don’t have a car here. As for the shark attack… was this at the famous “No Shark Beach?” Oh, and everyone here keeps telling me “American’s… Great people…… bad government…” Go figure.

Mike – No Frauleins nor Berka’s yet, but I am having a fun time flirting with a couple which pretty much backs up Rina’s idea that I am a flirt, and why she refuses to introduce me to any of here friends…. Missing the art-fair was a bit of a disappointment for me as well, though it has been going down in the past couple years. I think Anthony is doing too good a job as the Alcohol Supply Coordinator, so everyone it too drunk to notice if the art is good or bad anymore.

Katie – I love “House” and am particularly distressed to be missing all the new seasons of TV. But I am willing to make that sacrifice…. I think…. Rina – DVR Grey’s Anatomy and Lost! Sean – you have “House.” NO DELETING!!!!! Ok, that’s taken care of….

Taylor – I did my taxes before I left. Already have my money and am spending it to finance this trip… partly….  I am also officially out of the Navy! No more paycheck though…

Rina – Totally not ready to head home yet, but there is the annual Keys trip that I have to make in August, so I am planning on getting back around the 15th of July or so. Also, not a clue where I am living yet, but I checked craigslist before I left to see what was out there. Pretty much everyone was looking for someone within the month, so I am figuring I can get that set up when I get back and start checking craigslist the last couple weeks I am in Europe.. hopefully…. 

Anthony – are you still headed to the Netherlands in June? Not sure if I am heading back to Vienna or not.. why?

I think that is it for now. Hope everyone is doing well, because I know I am.


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  1. Wells says:


    Sold almost $40k this year at the MAF. No rain this year so it was crazy. Had a couple of mates over from Australia helping out and that was crazy. Had 7 people in my golf cart going to Megs at one point in time. The trip over looks more like August now. Can get people to get off the rear and do some work. Let me know if you need any help while in Isreal, cause I have some connections over there.


  2. Rina says:


    Now this post sounds a lot more like the Josh I know…sarcastic, witty, well versed, a tad on the snooty side….LOVE IT! Welcome back…no more faux-emailing in McDonalds. Which by the way disturbs me…what were you doing there anyway? Who eats McDonalds in Luxor? Only you! Although, I sorta don’t blame you egyptian food is not on my top 10 list. Although, I’m sure the pics and experiences far surpassed any downside to their culinary creations. Petra???? I offically hate you…I’m so jealous..I don’t know if we can continue this friendship. I will forever have travelbug envy…how will we resolve this issue? I know bring me home a hookah….please??? I promise to put it to good use. JK…

    Lost is ri-dunk-ulous. Can’t wait to discuss with you when you come home. Mid-July huh? Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see you before school starts. Miss ya…be safe and keep typing.

    Much Love,

  3. Katie says:

    awwwwwwww yaaaaaay I agree with Rina – you sound a lot more like yourself in this posting….I think you were getting bored and run down in the other countries (“once you’ve seen one church, you’ve seen them all” i think was a good summation quote)….you just needed a change of scenery to re-invigorate you!!!

    I love you!

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