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I just wanted to let everyone now I’m OK. Africa is absolutely amazing! I am totally enjoying myself and have been pretty busy with tours and walking all over. Unfortunately, the internet here is off and on so you all are going to have to wait a bit for pictures. And for those wanting me to try and call around 6:00 or so (Katie) just a reminder that it is 7 hours later here…

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  1. Rina says:

    Africa….huh? I can’t wait for you to come home and rub in the ‘guys’ faces that YOU have been to the motherland. hahaha!!!! That’s awesome. Sounds like you’re having a blast. I’m super jealous…but what else is new. You must be on some deadline when you type these b/c in all the years I have known you a ‘typo’ has been few and far between. 🙂

    All is well here, still finalizing wedding plans. But the date is set March 28, 2009. C is still suppose to be getting home on June 3rd…but we’ll see. You know how the Navy is. Work has been pretty insane. I’m traveling a lot…was in Vegas last week. I’m in Atlanta in 2 weeks then back here for a few days..then in NYC for a week. Tough to keep up, but good to do while C is away.

    Keep sending pics, I love living vicariously through you. Do you have a homecoming date yet? Or any idea where the heck you’re gonna live? You’re probably not even thinking about that stuff right now are you? Don’t blame ya…keep relaxing while you can.

    Much love,

  2. sametpsa@aol.com says:

    Rina.. congrats on the wedding plans..
    Josh, Pop always said that Africa was his favorite place he visited..will be interested to hear your impressions..
    Steve said from the couch “It’s gotta be hot in Africa”
    Katie.. was that your bachlorette party??
    Taylor said he is coming down this weekend.. I am knitting his new baby a sweater..he doesn’t know the sex.. but the sweater is blue.
    Love you Josh.. take care.. (Aren’t there lots of Muslims in Africa?)
    Be Careful..what is the food like?

  3. Katie says:

    awww yay i’m glad your alive and safe and still having fun!

    sorry about the time difference….i didn’t really think about that. I’m trying to be better about having my phone with me and having the volume up though….so hopefully we can connect at some point.

    I got your package with all your winter clothes haha, so everything arrived safe and good. i’m hoping to start messing around with that drawing book soon, but we’ll see how much spare time I actually get.

    I can’t wait to see the pics of egypt….i really really want to go there.

    Pat- NO NO NO THAT WAS NOT MY BACHELORETTE PARTY. that will be many years in the future haha. It was one of my good friends up here, i threw it for her with another girl.

    anywho, I love you josh! why dont you give ME a time to call YOU! I could just set aside a specific time at work or something to take a 15 minute break or something, or maybe we could do it around lunchtime, maybe noon? that would be 7pm for you right? maybe that will work…!?

    anywho, I love you XOXOXOXOXOXOX keep having fun! I’m jealous of the travels…!!!!1

  4. Taylor says:


    We had a “Dining In” at the UCLA unit last night….so I’m recouperating all day. Probably won’t make it down to Carlsbad until next weekend.

    Hope all is well over there. Are you sick of traveling yet… or still having fun? Sometimes after being away from home for a long time I just long for MY bed. You know?

    My extension request was denied, so I will be joining you in the civilian ranks come this January! Crazy thought…

    Well, have fun and travel safe!


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