Sheesh… you would think I killed a cow in India!

So, first things first. I’m not planning on buying a computer over here. I need to get one for school when I start in September, so I am putting off getting one until before I start Law school. Add to that fact that the Euro here makes buying anything about twice as much, and you can pretty much plan on me only getting souvenirs and such. So far, not that much has been bought. I did manage to pick up a nice bottle of vodka in St. Petersburg that is apparently the royal blend for the Tsar’s and came in a Faberge designed bottle. Pretty excited about that is I can ever find a way to get it shipped back. The military doesn’t like taking alcohol on its planes so I couldn’t send it through the mail back home. So, what else was there. Oh yeah, the conservative lean of the EU. I am not too sure about that. I know that a lot of people are watching our Democratic Primary and thinking this is the election. I don’t know how many times I have been asked who I think is going to win: Hillary or Obama. I then have to explain that there is a third candidate who either Hillary or Obama have to run against in November. They tend to get a little confused here, and I have to explain that what is going on is only the selection process for the Democratic candidate and we are not holding the actual election for President until November, and then he/she (God no!) won’t take office until January of next year. At this point, there is normally a comment about having that much time left with Bush, and I have to explain why I actually like him. Really, I just need to write it all down in several different languages, and just hand it to them to read when I get asked the question from now on. I will say, however, that the only people I am finding are unanimously hated through-out the world are the Muslims. I think they have effectively declared Jihad on everyone, and the rest of the world pretty much is giving them the big middle finger right back. Illegal immigration is a problem with a lot of countries over here too. Russia is very concerned about it, but mostly those from China/Mongolia and the Cossacks. (I think that is what they are called to us anyway. The just call them Caucasians which confused me for a while.) Overall I don’t think that anyone really faults us for Afghanistan, but they all think we went into Iraq for the oil, and some say Imperial Destiny. I have to tell them if that was the case, then we would have just made them a colony and demanded taxation in the form of oil/etc… for all the infrastructure we are building there. Not to mention keeping Kuwait under our heel. I then reference the British colonial raping of the natural resources in Africa up until about 20 years ago, and they normally back down a bit.

 Anyway, I am getting a little tired of the church thing, to be honest. It is kind of like once you have seen 50 or so, you have seen them all. I am having to actually make myself slow down and take a look at them, but I think that the trip to Africa should give me a nice breather to head back to Europe for more sight-seeing. Plus, I am really looking forward to seeing the Pyramids and the Sphinx, not to mention the Valley of the Kings outside of Luxor, and diving in the Red Sea. I am trying to get on another live aboard dive cruise, and planning on taking a camel ride around the pyramids. Also thinking of taking a Nile river cruise from around Luxor up to Cairo, but not sure if that one is going to work out yet. It would be really awesome if it did, but I am not sure I can swing it as a single traveler. They seem to want groups of 6 to 8, so hopefully I can tack on with some other group.

So that is pretty much everything for now. I hope that everyone is doing well. I managed to get skype up and running so I have a phone number now and international calling via WiFi at like 2 cents a minute. So, if you see a phone call that comes up “Unknown” it may be me.

The actual number is 202-905-0544, but I am not logged on all that often so I am not sure if you call that it will go through. I do think that I have voicemail though. Let me know if anyone calls it.

Lastly, here are the photos of Germany so far.


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  1. says:

    OK I came on to tell you about a shark attack we had yesterday.. it was in Solana Beach, just a few miles south of us here, the guy was 66 years old with a bunch of triatheletes training at 7AM yesterday..
    they were about 150 yard out , it was 20-30 feet deep, I think and get this, it was a GREAT WHITE SHARK!!! (ouch) The guy died from his wounds!! what a way to go.. they have closed all the beaches, but of course within hours there were surfers out there.. Steve says because they like to go when it is not so crowded..They said the shark mistook the guy for a seal, cause he had a wetsuit on.. Alex said she is never going in the water again!! (me too)

  2. says:

    OK.. wanted to see if that would go.. forgot about the dollar being so low, I guess I was thinking that if you buy something at the Navy store, you wouldn’t have to convert to the Euro? but, as always I think you are making the right decision..

    That is just facisnating about the hatred of the Muslims.. (I am almost afraid to type that.. it has become politically incorrect to say anything negative about them, and they may come get me if they see this) I have been reading about the riots in France (car burning), and the crazy stuff happening in the Netherland area, they say that the Muslims birth rate is so much higher than the Europeans that they may end up in the majority by the next generation, so you better do your traveling now..

    Sorry you have to put up with the Bush hatred..When I was there, they hated Nixon and I got to hear about it..often…the older I get the more I realize that conventional wisdom is usually wrong..

    Oh.. gas is now about $4 a gallon here.. it takes $70 plus to fill up my tank that lasts for about a if we went to Iraq for oil, it is not working…

    Africa!!! I am so excited to go with you… THE PYRAMIDS!! THE SPHINX!!! AND THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS.. (is that a place where they are all buried together?? Can you take pictures of a mummy?? try..
    I have heard everyone get the runs there so take some kaopektate (spelling.. you know what I mean) What are the main places you want to hit before you come home?

    Keep asking questions about the mood about the US.. I really think it is significant that Germany, France and Italy have gone conservative AND PRO AMERICAN!!

  3. says:

    Josh.. hate to bother you with a lot of questions, but, I read that gas is the equivalent of $8 a gallon over there in Europe.. is that true???

  4. Mike says:

    Go ahead and drink the vodka. There is ony one way to ferment a potato anyway and we’ve got some good burbon here. How’s that for saluting the red white and blue?

    Pictures are good. I am looking forward someday to a little comentary to go along with them.

    The Melbourne Art Show was this weekend but we stayed away. No parking anywhere close and loads of people. Lots of noise too and the cops were writing parking tickets out all day long. Did you know it was a $1200.00 fine for walking on the RR tracks property? Trespassing.

    Pop got a new HP laptop that Ryan and I have been setting up for him. It’s nice and Nerea got one today too.

    Ryan and Heather had thier anniversary on Sat. 6 years now I think.

    No mention of the freuliens yet. Inquiring minds want to know. We will not tell your mom. Berkas coming up for you.

    Good question from pat. What are the gas prices and have the gone up like ours? Regular here is 3.59/gal High test is 3.79.
    Diesel is over 4.00.

    You are doing GREAT!!!!!!! keep it up.

    Uncle Mike

  5. Katie says:

    First of all…I”M SO SORRY!!! I was at a bachelorette party all weekend, and I didn’t have my phone with my at all…so I get back on Sunday night and I go the message from you and I was heartbroken!!! I”m so sorry 🙁 two strikes already…I hope that the third time is a charm!!! Weekends aren’t good for me…weekdays are good at night!!! Try then!!! I run from like 530-615ish, but after that is perrrrfect!!!

    I really really really hope I get the chance to talk to you! I will try calling you on the number you listed…not sure how skype works, if I have to do it online or something? I have no clue. Maybe we can set up a phone date or something….email me what would be a good time for you, and we can figure it out!!!

    I’m super excited to look at your Germany pictures…das boot das boot! I love you so much and I miss you too!

    Things are going good here…same old same old with work. This past weekend the bachelorette party (my first one!) that I helped organize…It was super fun – we stayed at Atlantic beach at a hotel, and we just basically went ot he beach all weekend during the day and to the bars all night. This coming weekend I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do and I’m so excited about it. I’ve had a pretty jam packed couple of weekends and weeks, so I’m looking forward to being a lazy bum. Might go to the beach, but gonna just be lazy.

    I can’t remember if you said you watch House or not? But the new episode is on tonight and I”m super excited!!!

    My apartment needs to be renewed by May 12th because my lease expires in Mid July, so right now I’m contemplating that…I’m almost positive I’m just gonna stay because I’ve moved 5 times in 4 years so i’m OVER that. But the only thing I’m looking at is maybe paying a little bit more to live near the beach. If I could find a decent apartment for only like 100 bucks more, I might do it. It’s just hard because alot of those apartments are more run down(unless I pay like 1200 a month which is NOT happening), but I might get lucky…I’m keeping my eyes open on craigslist, etc. We shall see!! How cool would it be to run on the beach after work, and just walk to it on the weekends? I definately should have done that more in highschool. I mean, I drive to the beach every weekend now anyway, so it might just be worth the extra money.

    But I have just a little time frame to decide…so we’ll see if it’s meant to be!

    anywho, I love you – be safe! XOXOXO

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