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The Grand Finale of SouthEast Asia

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Tomorrow I take off heading West ending my first month abroad, and the cheaper portion of my trip in Southeast Asia, and off to the colder climes of the Czech Republic/Russia and the rest of Europe. Just managed to hit the holiday period coming into Prague which is playing havoc with hotel reservations, but I managed to find something alright. Anyway, been exploring the vast metropolis that is Bangkok, and turned out with a couple interesting photos, I think. I have uploaded them, as always, to O-foto and you can access them by clicking here.  Here is the one that I like the best however, and is a night photo of Wat Arun on the west side of the river running through Bangkok proper (I forget it’s name right now though.)

Anyway, I am pretty excited about the next step of my trip. These are places I have read about and always wanted to visit, but never really gotten the chance to. I mean I have been to Southeast Asia before, and it is all pretty similar in look and feel from Japan to Hong Kong to Bangkok. The only thing that really changes too much is a little of the style of the architecture and the amount of trash that is allowed to accumulate on the streets. (I’ll give you a hint – Thailand is leading the race…) I feel like each country in Europe will be a bit different though. Maybe, that is because they are closer to familiar so the minutia will stand out more. Either way, I am pumped.-JC

Back from the Similan’s

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Well, I am alive and well, and now an Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver. Figured that would be an appropiate souvinier from Thailand, and I am sooooooo glad that I did it. We dove Richileu Rock, which is known for whale shark sightings, and it was the right time of the year for it, but no luck. Not sure how that would have been to be in the water next to something that huge! I did get an up close and personal visit from a Leopard Shark, which is pretty much like a Nurse Shark, but has spots. Toothless, and not aggressive at all, but it was about 5 feet away swimming through the water right past us. Absolutely amazing! I also got to rent a digital camera for a day (thinking that would be a great investment), and took some neat pictures.

I have uploaded mine and a bunch that our dive master took of the trip as well as a couple that I snapped along the way (Click here). Definitely a highlight of the trip. Not sure if I am going to be able to force myself to hop on that plane back to America if I keep having experiences like this for the rest of the trip. So far, I have landed in a jet in Singapore, dove one of the most famous sites in the world, and seen more interesting stuff than I can shake a bat at. All in less than a month. Sheesh. Next stop… Bangkok.


I’ve been slacking

Friday, March 7th, 2008

I think that I’ve been gone now for almost three weeks, and it’s funny how the time is flying by. I altered my itinerary a bit and am staying here in Phuket for 5 extra days. I managed to get on a live aboard boat (big change for me…) and am heading out to the Similan Islands for 4 days of diving before I come back and head to Northern Thailand and Cambodia for a week or so. This place is the quintessential beach town, and I love the weather. Been spending my days relaxing on the beach, exploring, and generally having fun. Unfortunately, I have been leaving the digital behind most of the time in favor of film, so I can’t share those pictures ye. But, I did break it out today and take some pictures of the sunset. Here’s my favorite:

I also uploaded two new galleries on O-foto. One from Singapore, and one from some pictures here in Phuket. No real problems yet, and met a whole lot of interesting people. A lot of Aussies and British here. Ended up singing Karaoke the other night with a couple of Irish girls who managed to win a trip here (talk about luck of the Irish…) and a Norwegian couple. Not to mention the millions of ex-pat Brits/Aussies running around. Couple of Americans too. Not brave enough to try the Thai food yet. Too much seafood here, and Subway/PB&J is so easy. I have, however, walked on the wild side and taken advantage of the local brews: Tiger and Singa. Gimme a Bud any day, but until then they’ll do. Anyway, I’m taking off on the dive boat tomorrow for 4 days of diving and fun before I can communicate again so I thought I will give an update. I did sign up for an underwater photography dive, so hopefully there will be some good pictures from that. Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for all the comments!!! It’s good to hear from you all.