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That was Awesome

Friday, February 29th, 2008

So I spent a day or two more than I thought I was going to in Japan. I was supposed to take off for Singapore on Tuesday, but the flight didn’t leave the area until Friday. First the plane was delayed leaving to get to Japan, so strike one. Then, we were loaded on the plane and the #2 engine dumped a load of hydraulic fluid. Now in the Navy that would have resulted in a critique, 4 hours of troubleshooting and planning, and then, maybe, a wrench would be turned. Not in the Airforce. Load that sucker up with a couple more quarts of oil, fire the engine up and see if it works this time. Of course, that thought process sort of follows Einstein’s definition of insanity, and of course the same thing happened, so strike two. However, they say the third times a charm, and Thursday we managed to take off. So, here’s the good part:

Can you believe that! I got to fly the entire flight from Japan to Singapore in the cockpit of the plane, and even during the landing. It was amazing, and I still can’t believe they let me stay up there the entire time, and definitely not during the landing. I have posted a bunch of other pictures to o-foto that you can look at there, since they are not really that “artistic,” but more interesting, funny, etc. Check ’em out. Oh, yeah, and Singapore is rainy and humid, so I am taking off to Phuket for some fun in the sun and diving tomorrow. Gonna check out the Singapore night safari tonight though, so hopefully there will be some good pictures of that, and try to bargain for a phone so I can get to communicating. -JC

Free at last, Free at last!

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Landed in Tokyo the yesterday after 10 hours on a DC-10. Interesting flight, as it was a military flight that cost me a grand total of $3.25 (which was for a boxed lunch with a sandwich, water, soda, snickers bar, granola bar, and an orange… I think I got the upper hand in that one.) I got to sit in the cockpit and watch the world go by at 30,000 feet and a Southwest 747 go by at 1000ft. That was interesting. I kept reciting Top Gun to myself: “vector 0-9-0 for bogie.. 900 kts closure…” Some pictures of that funness to follow, when I figure out how the heck to get them off my phone and onto a computer for uploading. (Didn’t bring a synch cable because… well not using my phone overseas.) Other than that, I think that I walked about the entire length of Tokyo today, and took a few pictures. Not too many as I am a little jet lagged right now. Getting ready to leave for a flight to Singapore at 0440 in the morning, so I am calling this one quits, but hopefully I will get o-foto up and running and have some stuff to post here too.


Let the Adventure Begin!!!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

OK, so I am off tomorrow at like 6:00am in a DC-10 with no windows for 10 hours (apparently this freaks out Airforce personnel, but after being on Subs I am not expecting too much of a problem) headed for Japan to start my dyslexic version of Marco Polo. A lot of you all have been asking me for my itinerary, so I thought I would post it, so most people know around where I am. Just in case. Anyway, without further adieu, here it is:

  • 23 Feb- ~28 Feb:  Tokyo, Japan and surrounding area
  • 28 Feb – 2 Mar: Singapore
  • 2 Mar – 7 Mar: Phuket, Thailand and surrounding islands. Not sure how in contact I will be since I plan on doing an elephant Trek and some scuba diving there.
  • 7 Mar – 22 Mar: Bangkok, Thailand; Agnor What, Cambodia; Cheing Mai, Thailand. Really flushed out other than flying into Bangkok on the 7th and flying out on the 22nd. Gonna explore, but should be in contact most of the time.
  • 22 Mar – ~28 Mar: Prague, Czech Republic
  • 28 Mar – 1 Apr: Vienna, Austria
  • 1 Apr – 4 Apr:Moscow, Russia
  • 4 Apr – 9 Apr: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • 9-10 Apr: Train back to Moscow to fly out
  • 10 Apr – ~17 Apr: Flying into Dusseldorf, Germany, and planning on renting a car for a week or so to see the countryside, and tour the Leica camera factory, etc.

From here it is still a little tentative. I don’t have tickets yet, but my plan is to Fly down to Cairo, Egypt for a couple days and see the Pyramids, then bus it to Jerusalem, Israel for a week or so, then Tel Aviv for a couple days before bussing back to Cairo, and flying hopefully to Greece, or some other European destination. From there I have a Eurail pass for 2 months that I am going to be using to kind of fly by the seat of my pants, but generally in Eastern Europe except for a week or so around Budapest and Bucharest. I end up in Amsterdam where I am returning to Washington, DC on the 12 of July. My current phone is going to be placed on hold during this trip, but I am looking at getting a GSM phone in Singapore and a Skype account so hopefully I can keep in contact somewhat. Anyway, I am really excited, and somewhat nervous, so wish me luck, and see you all in 5 months.                           -JC

Been doing some experimenting

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Downward Spiral  I   have been doing a little playing around with some darkroom techniques and I have found a couple that I really like. Specifically the Sabatier Effect and some inverse printing.  There are some examples in the New Galleries. Also, I am getting ready to start my trip here REALLY soon. I am leaving this Friday to say goodbye to everyone, and then flying out to San Francisco on the 19th to begin the 5 month oddyssey around the world. If you haven’t then bookmark this page as I will be adding highlights and hopefully pictures as I travel. Wish me luck!!